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Tile Restoration

Tile Restoration

Bolart Custom Tile counts with over 60 master tile artisans that form, carve and hand paint a myriad of tile designs. Working with architects and designers, Bolart has provided tile for Disney’s French Bistro, the Chicago Aquarium, the Ft. Lauderdale Packard Museum, the Opalaca Train Station and numerous private homes from Boston to Seattle.


Trained in Europe and New York’s Alfred University, Bolart has a deep understanding of clay formulation, firing curves/techniques and glaze formulae. Consequently, Bolart can match glaze colors, surface textures (gloss, matte and crackle), size and shape with time proven dexterity. This can be demonstrated in matching a New York City beveled subway tile, on the one hand, with a time worn Etruscan relief tile on the other. Techniques commonly used are cuerda seca, Majolica, underglaze, reduction and ram pressing,


As restoration projects are quite varied in scope, Bolart will price each proposal based on the degree of difficulty, size of project and required approval process. Bolart will not undertake any restoration project for less than $2,000, due to the intense communication, sample and supervision process.

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If you would like to discuss a restoration project that meets the prerequisites mentioned above, please call:

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