Ceramic Tile Murals

Hand Painted Murals
Ceramic Tile Murals
Bolart Tile has produced all-weather ceramic tile murals for store chains, museums, aquariums and housholds througout the United States. Bolart counts with over 65 artists capable of duplicating any public domain image onto ceramic tile for kitchen backsplashes, stove tops, and gardens walls. These murals are not heat transferred copies put actually hand painted and signed murals that are double fired at high temperature.
Below, we have provided a myriad of mural samples by category for your review. Allow yourself to dream of an original ceramic tile mural that might best fit your installation. You are only limited by your mind. Click on the link on the left to order your ceramic tile mural. Pick any image, size and shape you want. Remember, all murals are custom hand painted.

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