Marble, Onyx & Mosaics

Bolart has expanded its offering to architects and designers in the US by expanding its years of ceramic tile manufacturing into the production of custom marble, onyx and mosaic designs inspired by Hugo Montoya, a famous Bolivian architect and designer.

In this regard, Bolart now counts with a myriad of "custom" marble shapers and carvers who specialize in unique marble, onyx and mosaic designs, complex architectural installations and intricate decorative pieces. Please feel free to call us regarding your project.

Hand Carved & Shaped Custom Marble, Onyx & Mosaic Installations
Marble Cap

5' Marble Checker Wall with Carved Insert Fireplace Atrium with Pillars
Marble Portico

Entrance with Carved 9' Pillars Mahogany Custom Door
Mosaic Tile & Marble Pool Complex

1 Inch Mosaic Tile Design for Pool 15 Inch Carved Tile
Custom Carving

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