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As we are custom tile manufacturer, we, by definition, offer an unlimited array of tiles, shapes and designs. With over 300 tile lines produced, and new ones constantly generated, producing a catalog would be a costly and frustrating endeavor. Consequently, we work directly with specifiers (architects, designers and interior decorators) who speak our language and can work with our graphics department and over 10 gigabytes of tile designs and renditions to taylor tile installations to their exact needs. This involves color, style, shape, texture and design. We work more on an "installation" basis rather than a "square footage" basis.

To help you focus on your tile needs we have a customer service department which works with our graphics department to answer your questions regarding color, shape, size, design, texture and installation. This is really all we do so we're pretty good at it and enjoy doing it.

Below we have put together a library of Adobe PDF files regarding tile lines, tile ideas, how to's and fun ideas. If your still have questions our experts await your call: (954) 205-0241 or (607) 587-9771.

How to Order a Mural
How to Install Applique Tiles

Delft Ideas
Delft Line
Delft Townscape
Delft Seascapes
Delft Flower Line
French Traditional
Pool Catalog
Matisse Line
Applique Line
Applique Mural Line

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